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Installing Turbo Type!

NOTE: Please uninstall any previous version of Turbo Type before you install a new one.

Just double click the exe file you have downloaded and follow the instructions. It is a very simple installation process.

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Starting Turbo Type

Go to the location where you have unpacked the program and double click the file called TurboType. It has a "TT" icon.

If this is the first time you start Turbo Type an Welcome dialog will appear. Please read carefully the instructions in that dialog. It will give you some quick and very useful information about Turbo Type.

Do not worry! :) This welcome screen appears only once!

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Using Turbo Type

After you have downloaded and started Turbo Type using it is very easy: you simply continue to use your computer as you did before.

When you will start typing words in a text editor, a chat window, email client (and others) Turbo Type will display a popup from which you can choose the word you want typed in for you.

See picture bellow to get a better understanding of the process:

Picture of Turbo Type in action!

From the popup that appears you can use the up/down keys to select the desired word. After you have selected the word you can accept the selection by typing the Enter/Return key or Space bar key.

Both Enter and Space will type in the selected word for you. However, if you accept the selection with Space, Turbo Type will also insert a space after the word. This is very handy because otherwise you would have to type space twice: once to accept the selection and second to insert a space after the word.

You can customize Turbo Type to use Tab as a selection key if you find it more comfortable. See the customization section below.

If you do not agree with any of the suggestions or what to close the suggestions popup for any reason then use the Esc key

NEW: You can also use numeric keys from 1 to 3 to select a predicted word from the predictions popup.

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Add your own words to the Dictionary

Since Version 1.37.006 you can add your onw words to the dictionary. So now you can customize Turbo Type with your technical or specific terms

To add a new word click small TT icon in the Systray (near the system clock) to open the Application Menu and from the menu choose Add new word...

Turbo Type Running in Systray

In the new window that will appear type the word you want to add then select how often you use that word and then click Add Word

If you want to add more words at the same time you can do that using Notepad.

Go to the folder where you have unpacked or installed Turbo Type and find the file custom_words.txt. Depending on your system settings you may only see custom_words.

Backup the file! then open it in Notepad (a double click should do it on most Windows installs). Go to the end of the file and add your onw words. You do that by starting with your word followed by a coma (,) and then a number between 1 and 3 where 1 means that you rarely use the word and 3 means that you use it very often.


Lets say you want to add the word bipolar to your dictionary and that you use this term very often. Then on the last line of the custom_words.txt file you would write this:


In order for the changes to take effect you must save the file and restart Turbo Type!

You can now easily see how you can extend Turbo Type!

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Customizing Turbo Type

Turbo Type runs in the System Tray (near the system clock):

Turbo Type Running in Systray

By clicking or right clicking the small icon in the System Tray you can open the Application Menu.

From the Application Menu you can do different things. You can quickly change the language that you use to type in your texts. You can temporarily disable Turbo Type. Learning Mode and Auto Run can also be configured from here. The Customize option will open the dialog that will let you configure Turbo Type to your needs.

Quickly change Language

From the Application Menu choose the language that you will use to type in your texts.

Please note that some languages require that you have installed and active a keyboard layout that is compatible with that language.

Turbo Type will give you a warning if it can not find a proper Keyboard Layout installed on your machine.

You can read more information in the Keyboard Layout section.

Temporarily Disable Turbo Type

You can quickly disable Turbo Type from the Application Menu by selecting Disable Suggestions.

We recommend disabling Turbo Type if you are typing in passwords that have dictionary words in them. However please note that passwords that are based on dictionary words are considered to be weak. If you use a strong password (small and caps characters and numbers) Turbo Type should not be able to make any suggestions.

If you want to disable Turbo Type while playing a game there is a smarter way to do this by using filters. See bellow.

Auto Run Turbo Type at computer start-up

By default Turbo Type will start automatically when your computer starts. If you do not want this feature it can be disabled from the Application Menu.

The Customize Dialog

Turbo Type comes width a default most used configuration so probably you will never want to change anything. However you may use this Customization dialog to configure Turbo Type so that it is more adapted to your needs. In the bottom part this dialog it is a Quick Help area. If you move your mouse over the buttons in the dialog you will see in that area a description of what the button does. This is a wonderful way to get help fast.

The customize dialog has four (4) main areas.

When should suggestions appear?

Here you can set the number of letter that you must type before Turbo Type will attempt to make any suggestions. Please note that if Turbo Type can not make a suggestion then no popup will be displayed.

Another neat feature is that you can tell Turbo Type to make suggestions only when you hit Ctrl+Space. This is the most "non intrusive" mode of Turbo Type. The program will stay inactive until you press Ctrl+Space. Only now the program will attempt to make a suggestion. If there are no words in the selected language that start with your letters no popup will appear.

This is the perfect mode for you if you usually type very fast. Only when you are stuck on a specific word, that you do not regularly type, you can use Ctrl + Space to get suggestions.

Suggestions Popup Settings

For some programs that allow text input Turbo Type is able to determine the cursor’s position. Such a program is notepad. If Turbo Type can determine the cursor position it will display the popup near it. This helps you to read the suggestions faster.

When Turbo Type can not detect the cursor it will display the popup centered on the screen. The popup is transparent so it does not hide your work or text. Also the font is big and clear so you can read the words very fast.


For some programs (like games) Turbo Type is not useful. Actually it may become quite annoying. One option would be to disable or close Turbo Type. But there is a better way! Use filters.

Enable Process Filters or Window Filters. Turbo Type will not make any suggestions if the current process or window is listed in one of the filters.

If you have a game that it is called “cool_game.exe”, enable the process filter and in the box bellow it (that now is active) write “cool_game.exe”. Hit OK and you are done! No more suggestions while you are playing.

How to accept suggestions

Here you can configure the keys that you may use to accept suggestions from the Suggestions Popup. At least one key should be selected. We found most useful the Space and Enter/Return keys. But if this bothers you there is the Tab key also available.

Choose a dictionary

From this section you can select the dictionary used to make suggestions. Some languages may require a specific keyboard layout. If this is the case and the required keyboard layout is not present Turbo Type will give you a warning.

For more information about this read the Keyboard Layout Section.

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About Learning Mode

Turbo Type is "smart" :). When it is making a suggestion is not any suggestion. It is the word you are most likely to type! There is no use in showing words that you rarely or never use. This is something you will not find anywhere else.

But we have gone even further! Now Turbo Type is able to learn and adapt to you! While you are using it, Turbo Type learns the words that you use most and will start to suggest those, making your experience more enjoyable.

However, if you would like to use the standard dictionary, you can Disable the Learning Mode from the Application Menu.

You can always come back to your adapted dictionary by Enabling Learning Mode from the Application Menu.

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Expand text with Turbo Type

Turbo Type can now expand small words into complex text. For example expand "sign" into your full multi-line email signature

Just type sign then hit Ctrl+Space and Turbo Type will expand it into this:

    - Your Name
  Your Position
  some other cool line

And you get all this with only 6 key strokes. How is that for typing fast :)?

Of course you can define your own patterns and expanded text.

You can have more that one signature: one for your office address, one for personal email maybe one for forum posts... you name it!

Another useful idea is to use this to expand frequently used email addresses such as: "off" -> "office@your_company.com" or "lov" -> "sweety@example.com" or use it to expand your physical address/location.

How do I get all these goodies?

Open the Application Menu by clicking the icon in the Systray:

Turbo Type Running in Systray

From the menu choose "Configure Expander..." and new dialog will open that will allow you to configure the text patterns and the text you want it to expand to.

Use Add a New Pattern button to add a new piece of text that will get expanded.

To update a pattern just double click it or select it and then click Edit selected Row.

Select a row and hit Delete on your keyboard to remove a pattern or click the Remove Selected Row button.

When you are done click Close Configurator button to close the configuration dialog. Now open Notepad or your favorite email client and test your new patterns. Just type in the pattern and then hit Ctrl + Space.

How do I expand a pattern?

Open your text editor or email client or chat client then type in your pattern and then press Ctrl+Space (in this order) and Turbo Type will expand the pattern. Give it a try!

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Stopping Turbo Type

Open the Application Menu by clicking or right clicking on the “TT” icon in the System Tray (near system clock)

Turbo Type Running in Systray

From the Application Menu select Exit

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Uninstalling Turbo Type

Go to Start Menu -> Turbo Type and select Uninstall Turbo Type and follow the instructions.

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