Keyboard Layout

The Keyboard Layout is something that Windows uses to determine what keys generate what characters on your keyboard. Most systems have only one (the default) keyboard layout installed.

Turbo Type works by actually typing key strokes into the system. Because of this it relays heavily on your Keyboard Layout.

If you are an English speaker you should now worry yourself with this.

For other languages that have special (non-English) characters you have to have installed and active the proper keyboard layout.

Example: for Romanian language you have to have the Romanian layout installed and active, for French the French layout and so on.

If you do not have the correct layout installed and active Turbo Type will not be able to “type in” the word for you because it will not be able to find the proper keys on your keyboard.

To check or to install a new keyboard layout please go to Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options. There you can see a list of currently installed keyboard layouts and you can also install a new one. The exact steps are different for each Windows version.

If you have difficulties because of this Keyboard Layout issue please contact us. Please remeber to send us the language you are using and what version of Windows.

Technical Details

This section contains technical information. You should read it only if you are interested in the inner works of this application.

We wrote this section to better explain the strengths and weaknesses of this program.

Turbo Type works by installing a Low Level Hook on the Keyboard Input. This means that the TT will be able to intercept every key you type on your keyboard. So it does not matter what program/editor you use Turbo Type will get its chance to make the suggestions. That is one of the strong points of Turbo Type.

However... from this strength comes the great weakness of Turbo Type. Because TT is so general and works with every program it has to do a lot of guess work to detect if you are typing a word or not.

If you typing words in a continuous mode using only letters and Back Space key Turbo Type works great. However you use the mouse or cursor keys to change the position of the cursor inside a text Turbo Type will not be able to detect this. It will make suggestions based on the letters you type after the position change.

Example: lets say that you were typing something and then you deice to move your cursor inside the word “cge” to correct it to “change”. You set the cursor just after "c" and type "HAN". Turbo Type will detect this as an attempt to type the word "HAND" and will suggest that. If this happens to you simply close the popup using the Escape key (Esc).