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  • A fast and almost scarily accurate prediction program, not bloated with infrequent words or regional dialect. The bulk word addition feature is very helpful. Excellent for people with physical disabilities. It works better in some ways than programs explicitly marketed to people with disabilities! (Though it would be nice to have a keyboard shortcut to the menu.) Thank you.


  • I like it!


  • Forget about “fast typing” or “enhancing my type speed”, this program can do it all :). I have been using it for a long time now and I can tell u this is the best :). I can answer my e-mails in no time and I can type them both fast and without typos.I recommend it to everybody who needs a speed up in typing ;)


  • I am absolutely delighted with Turbo Type the more I use it the better my typing speed gets. I am beginning to wonder how I ever used a keyboard without it. Kudos also for the great support. Cheers,

    Alan :o)

  • I really like turbo type use this utility everyday this has helped me with my dyslexia, I actually think this is better than penfriend XP

    Mick - www.weather-above.com

What is Turbo Type - Word Prediction?

Turbo Type is a word prediction software that will word with virtually all text editors. See below what "word prediction" is:

Turbo Type in Action!

The software works with: Windows XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7.

Tested with editors like: Office Word, Office Outlook, Notepad, WordPad, Internet Explorer Web Forms

Turbo Type is also compatible with any software that allows text input.

Great effort has been spent to make this software intuitive and simple. The predicted words are carefully chosen based on their usage frequency. The paid version of Turbo Type can also adapt to make more precise predictions.

Supported languages for prediction:

  1. English
  2. French(New!)
  3. Romanian
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Turbo Type - Word Prediction - Updates

Latest Version: 1.39.004

Bug Fix - 06.06.2013

Fixed a bug when spelling correction would remove the uppercase of first character in a word.

Added spelling correction support!

Turbo Type since version 1.39.003 can do spelling correction also. The program will suggest the correct word for you even if you have misspelled it and it will correct your mistake.

Added support for French language

Turbo Type is now able to predict words from a French dictionary. For this to work you will need to have a keyboard with French layout.

Turbo Type can now expand small abbreviations into predefined multiline text!

Sign your emails in a snap! Just write "sign" and then hit Ctrl+Space and Turbo Type will expand this to your complete text signature.

Instantly convert "sign" into this:

Your Name
Position: General Manager

Of course you can define your own abbreviations and expanded text. And you can have more than one abbreviation.

You may use Turbo Type to expand shortcuts into commonly used email addresses like "off" --> "office@example.com" or "home" --> "sweet@home.com" :). Give it a try!

Predictions Popup

The predictions popup size is now customizable. This is for those who said it is too big! :)

Also you can select how much time should Turbo Type wait before making a prediction. Set this to the longest time possible and Turbo Type will not bother you unless you are really stuck with a word. Try it!

Add your own words

You can now add you own words to the dictionary! This way you can customize Turbo Type even more by adding your technical or specific terms.

Turbo Type - Word Prediction in action (video)

What is new about Turbo Type?

Even though most text editors today (and even some text forms) have an integrated spell checker, none of them is able to predict the word you are about to type. Only some Web Browsers remember the last values you have used in web forms and let you chose from those.

Being able to type just the first few letters from a word and then let the editor auto complete the word would really speed up your typing. Also what happens if you do not remember how to spell a word? Was it with double "s"... or double "l"...? Would not be nice if the editor would let you choose the word you want to type from a list of most commonly used words?

Turbo Type is a new piece of software that does just that! After you type a few letters at your keyboard Turbo Type displays a prediction popup that lets you choose from the most likely words you were about to enter. After you choose the word, it will be typed in for you. This feature is known as "word prediction" or "auto complete"

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Why should I Care about this "word prediction" feature?

Because, up until now, you have been left out. Software developers are well aware of this word prediction feature. They use it all the time when they write code and they know how useful it is and how it speeds things up. The problem is that only their specialized editors have this feature. More... this feature is limited to the programming language they use.

Turbo Type brings the "word prediction" feature to you. And the best part is that you do not need to change your preferred editor. Because of the special way it has been designed it works with virtually all text editors. It actually works with any program that allows you to type in text. Eg. Yahoo Messenger, Notepad, Wordpad, Outlook and many others.

If you would like to speed up your typing, or need help with typing English words (or other supported languages) then this is the tool for you!

Also Turbo Type has another cool capability: it can adapt to you by adjusting the frequency of the words dynamically as you use it making more and more exact predictions for you.

We have put great effort into making Turbo Type simple and intuitive. We believe that the software should help people and not stand in their way. Turbo Type does not simply suggest any words that start with your letters. It suggests the most frequently used words. This way the word that you most likely want to type is already selected for you!

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What if I am already a "fast typist"?

Turbo Type is able to detect if you type really fast. And if this is the case it will not annoy you with predictions. However if you stop in the middle of word Turbo Type assumes you may not be sure on how to spell the word and it will suggest some possible words to you. If you are not happy with the suggestions you can continue typing and the popup will automatically close.

So you can type in your texts just as before and use Turbo Type only when and if you want to.

Also there is a special customization that you may like even more.

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How does it work?

Turbo Type intercepts the keys you type at your keyboard. Then it detects if you are trying to type a word. If so, it will popup a prediction menu with the most commonly used words that start with your letters. At this point you can either continue typing or selecting one of the predictions. If you select a prediction Turbo Type will type it for you. As you can see Turbo Type will not disrupt your typing unless you want it to.

For more details please read this technical section.

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What editors does it support?

You can use Turbo Type with virtually any program that allows text input. So you will not have to change your favorite editor.

Turbo Type has a special feature that enables it to determine the position of the text cursor for some programs. When the position of the cursor is known the suggestions will always appear near the cursor so you will be able to read them quickly.

This feature works only with applications that use the standard Windows cursor. Some of those are (but are not limited to): Notepad, Notepad2, Internet Explorer, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Yahoo Messenger, WordPad.

We would be glad to know with what editors do you use most. Please tell us :)

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Does it support multiple languages?

Yes. Currently Turbo Type supports English, French and Romanian language. We will continue adding new languages as the users request for them.

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What are the differences between the Free and Complete Version?

 Free EditionComplete Version
NEW: Expand words into longer text/signaturesyesyes
NEW: Use number keys to select a suggestionyesyes
NEW: Add your own words to the dictionaryyesyes
Window and Process Filteringyesyes
Autorun at computer startnoyes
Learning Modenoyes
Email Supportnoyes
Time LimitYESNO
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