About TextTip

Current TextTip Version is: 1.1

TextTip is a Windows program that will allow you to quickly view the first few lines of a text file.

Supported Windows Versions: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista.

With this software you can instantly and safely preview the first lines of a text file without leaving Windows Explorer. With TextTip you do not need launch any other applications to view text files. You simply move the mouse over a text file in Windows Explorer and Text Tip displays a short preview. TextTip helps you to save the time that you were spending on the searching files.

And the best part... it is FREE :) and it is Vista* ready!

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Where can I use TextTip

You can use TextTip every time you need to search a file based on its content. You place your mouse over the file name and a preview will appear. You can quickly decide if this the file you are looking for.

TextTip helps you to quickly scan subtitle files, source code files, configuration files and all sorts of files that contain text.

Download TextTip

How to Use TextTip

Download the installer and execute it. Then, open Windows Explorer and move the mouse over a text file and Text Tip displays a tip with file contents. This is it! :).


By default TextTip will display the contents of files with the TXT extension but you can add more file types using the Configuration dialog.

To open the Configuration dialog go to Start Menu > Programs > TextTip > TextTip Configuration

From the configuration dialog you can add or remove file types and also set the number of lines you want to be displayed. You can also turn the program On and Off from this dialog.

Warning: Text Tip cannot preview files that are not text based. Just remember this rule: if you can open and read a file with Notepad, then Text Tip will certainly display readable text.

Download TextTip

*NOTE: Vista is a trademark of Microsoft.