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User guide - How to use "MD5 Tool"?

Starting MD5 Tool

After you have installed the program you can start the program by clicking on "Start MD5 Tool" from the Start Menu -> Md5 Tool.

Also you can right click on a file in Exporer and select Compute Hash(eS)

Using MD5 Tool

The window of this program will stay always on top of other windows so that you can easily dran and drop files.

To determine the MD5 signature of a file you drag that file with your mouse and drop it on the MD5 Tool interface. The tool will start processing your file and you will see the progress bar indicating progress :).

In the comercial version you can drag and drop more that one file at a time. NEW: Now you can drag and drop folders.

To easily compare the determined hash with the one that you found on the site where the original hash is published you can copy the original hash into the clipboard, right click on the file name in the "MD5 Tool" window and choose "Compare with clipboard". This feature is only available for the comercial version.

New: Now you can select a hash from the list and copy it into the Clipboard so you can use it in other applications. You can do this by using the right mouse button menu or by simply using Ctrl+C. This featrue is only available for the comercial version.

New: You can now select all the hashes in the list and save them in a text file. You do this by selecting all the hashes. Next your right click to open the application menu and select Save hash(es) to file. A new dialog will appear asking for a file name.

MD5 Tool - Batch Processing

NEW Bonus: The comercial version contains a MD5 batch utility. The file is called md5c.exe and you can find it in the folder where you have unpached the complete archive or where you have installed the complete version of this software.

md5c.exe is a console application that you can use in your BAT files to automate hashing of your files. Also you may call this from any scriting or programming language that allows for shell calls.

The syntax is: md5c [file1] [file2] [file3] [file4]...

md5c writes on every line the MD5 hash of the file, 7 spaces and then the file name

See bellow a sample session:

C:\Program Files\MD5 Tool>md5c.exe big_file.dat small_file.bin

b6570923f5a2fd42c3fef5f45f593b7e       big_file.dat	
b49a3867bec7e5c8073bbcd9690237b5       small_file.bin

You can direct the output of md5c.exe to a file that you can use later on. To do that just use the simple output redirection available in the Windows Console. Example: md5c.exe big_file.dat > out.txt will write the ouput of md5c.exe to the out.txt file.

Still Need Help? :)

If you still do not know how to use this program then please let us know, because ease of use is one of our goals here! :)

You can do that and also ask questions using the Contact page. You will find a link to that at the bottom of this page.