MD5 Tool

Compute md5 signature... a matter of seconds... simple as drag and drop...

...and it is just 10$ 6$ :). Please try the Free Edition!

Download the MD5 Tool Software

Here you can download your copy of the MD5 Tool Software.

Two types of downloads are available for you:

  • The free edition of MD5 Tool:
  • The complete edition of MD5 Tool: IMPORTANT: In order to be able to use the complete edition you must purchase an activation code from the Main Page

See bellow a comparison between the two editions.

What are the differences between the Free and $10 version?

 Free EditionComplete Edition
Command Line Supportyesyes
Display full file name in listyesyes
NEW: Folders Drag and Drop Supportyesyes
Files Drag and Drop Supportyesyes
NEW: Adjust preferences (font and colors)noyes
Batch processingnoyes
Compare a hash with one stored in the clipboardnoyes
Copy the hash(es) to clipboard (Ctrl+C)noyes
Save the hash(es) to a text file.noyes
NEW: Process MD5 files.noyes
Clear list of generated hashesnoyes
Email Supportnoyes
Number of files you can hash per session1Unlimited