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About the MD5 Tool Software

Current Version: 1.5.32

"Clearly the best MD5 checker available.
I've been using WinMD5 for quite some time but it relies on .NET 2.0 which totally sucks. I've since removed the MS crap and was left without a good MD5 checker. Tried many little apps found on Tucows and this one really is the best.
Extremely fast, very light, compatible with WinXP themes and REMEMBERS ITS LAST WINDOW POSITION!!
Extremely handy for drag&drop sessions.
I won't even be trying any other apps.
This is the real deal guys ;)"

"MD5 Tool" is piece of software that will allow you to simply generate the MD5 hash (or signature) of one or more files. All you have to do is to drag and drop the files on the program interface. Forget the Browse button and digging through your hard drive :)

UPDATE: (25.may.2008) MD5 Tool is now more customizable. You can set the size and face of the font used to display the MD5 hash. You can also ajust the colors to your preference. Checking hashes saved in a files is now as simple as a double click.

UPDATE: (20.mar.2008) You can now drop folders on MD5 Tool to generate the MD5 for all the files in that folder and its subfolders. Also you may now save the generated hashes into a text file for later use or copy all of them in the clipboard (not just one by one). Added a Display Full Path option for the local menu.

UPDATE: (13.dec.2007) Created an installer. Also added command line support and, for the comercial version, batch processing ability so that you may use this in you script files if you want.

UPDATE: (07.oct.2007) Hashing engine optimized for peak performance and some minor general fixes.

UPDATE: (06.oct.2007) "Always on Top" option can now be enabled/disabled from the local menu. Also the position of the window is saved when the application is closed. MD5 Tool will now start in the same location where you have closed it

UPDATE: (05.oct.2007) Improved the speed of the hashing engine but we are still working to make it even faster. Added a Clear List option so you will not have to restart the application to clear the generated hashes.

The program was designed to meet specific needs and from there results its advantages:

  • Simple installer.
  • The program is fast and efficient making sure it does not over use your CPU.
  • The program is very small so that will not eat-up you memory (RAM).
  • Very easy to use. No advanced interface, no hidden features, no need to learn anything. Just start the program :). We also have a quick user guide that you may want to read.

We wanted to create a tool that is simple, small, fast and does exactly what it is ment to do. Its purpose is not to be a complete or advanced tool. If you need more options and features there are a lot of other programs out there that may suit you.

We have kept the interface and the software as simple as possible since this is one of the goals of the Easy To Use Tools project.

Just to be sure that you make the right decision please download and try the Free edition of this software.

See below a comparison between the free version and the one that you buy with 10$ 6$ :).

Download FREE Edition Buy Complete Edition 10$ 6$

Where can I use "MD5 Tool"?

When you get an archive with a piece of software or some documents for some of us (and may be even you) it is important to know if the archive is the original one and no one has modified it on its way to you.

The simplest way to do that is to determine a "signature" or "hash" of that file. You then compare the hash you have determined with the hash you can see on the site where the original files is stored. If you the two hashes are different then you can know for sure that your copy of the file is not a copy of the original one! If the two hashes are equal then you may have a correct copy. You can not be 100% sure, but there is a very small probability that two different files will have the same hash.

To make sure that you always use the exact archives that we provide on this site, all the products have on their page a MD5 hash. You can use this tool to check that the archive you have is a copy of the one on our site. This is one way to check that it is virus free.

If you can think of other usages or would like other functions or configurations, please let us know. We can not promise that we will include them all because the point to this is to be very useful but also very simple :)

Download FREE Edition Buy Complete Edition 10$ 6$

What are the differences between the Free and Complete Edition?

 Free EditionComplete Edition
Command Line Supportyesyes
Display full file name in listyesyes
NEW: Folders Drag and Drop Supportyesyes
Files Drag and Drop Supportyesyes
NEW: Adjust preferences (font and colors)noyes
Batch processingnoyes
Compare a hash with one stored in the clipboardnoyes
Copy the hash(es) to clipboard (Ctrl+C)noyes
Save the hash(es) to a text file.noyes
NEW: Process MD5 files.noyes
Clear list of generated hashesnoyes
Email Supportnoyes
Number of files you can hash per session1Unlimited
Download FREE Edition Buy Complete Edition 10$ 6$