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Keyboard Remapper

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User guide - How to use the Keyboard Remapper?

Starting the software

After you have downloaded and unpacked the archive you just have to lauch the EXE file called KeyRemapper.exe

The program will then start automaticaly every time your computer starts. This was designed that way to make things easier for you so you will not have to remember to start the program every time

Keyboard Remapper Main Interface

Keyboard Remapper Main Interface

From the zone marked as 1(one) you can easily enable or disable this application. We have added this because it was difficult to find and launch the program each time we needed it. So instead of closing it and then restart it, you can now simply disable it. The small hand icon will turn red when the program is disabled.

In the "Operations" zone you have only the absolute necessary buttons:

  • Add New Key Combination 2(two) will open up a two step wizard that will allow you to define a new key combination and its function.

  • Delete Selected Key Combinations 3(three) will remove the selected combinations from the 6(six) list so the program will no longer incerpt and process those keys

  • Hide This Window 4(four) will minimize the Keyboard Remapper into the Systray (near the system clock) so that it does not use space on your taskbar. Same thing will happend if you press the minimize button or the close button.

    To bring up the interface again left click the small green hand icon(Keyboard Remapper Icon) in the systray area.

  • Terminate Application 5(five) will terminate the application and unload it from memory.

The list in the zone marked with 6(six) displays all currently defined key combinations and what they do. The headers of the columns are resizable so you can increase them if you want to see more of the defined parameters.

How to define a key combination and its associated function?

Defining a key combination and its associated function it is a two step process:

Step 1: Define Your Key Combination

  • Start by pressing the Add New Key Combination button. This will open up a wizard presenting you with the first of the two steps.

    Here you must choose your key combination. There are two ways to do that. First way is to add the keys key by key to your combination selecting from the Available Keys drop down list and then clicking the Add Key to Combination.

    Look at the Chosen key/key combination text to see how your combination is build. If you want to reset the combination just click Clear Key Combination

    The second and much faster way is to use the "Click To Type In The Combination" button. After you click the button is title chages to "Click THIS Button where you're done!". Now you can type in whatever key combination you like! Even Alt+F4 if that is what you want. Please note that you will not be able to use your keyboard until you press "Click THIS Button where you're done!"

    After you have choosen your key combination click "Finish Step 1" to proceed to the final step...

Step 2: Choose what your key combination should do

In this final step you choose what function you want to associate with the key combination from the previous step and you have four(4) options:

  • Disable the Key Combination. If for example you keep pressing (by mistake) a key and that annoys you, you can disable it until you get use to not to press it any more. This usualy happens when you purchase a new keyboard that has a new layout :)
  • Type some text. This will actually simulate the keys on your keyboard being pressed to type that text. Usefull in case you need to type in your name over and over in documents, or the current date or any other text that you type often.
  • Launching an Application. We use this mostly for Notepad and Calculator... and sometimes Minesweeper ;)
  • Go to URL. This is usefull only if you have some site that you check frequently. If you find this usefull in other ways please let us know! :)

Now you can click Finish and your defined key combination immediately becomes active. You do not have to reboot, not even restart the program ;)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use Keyboard Remapper to turn the volume up or down on my PC even if I do not have a multimedia keyboard?

    Yes. To make a key turn up the volume add a new key combination, select the key you and and choose the "Change Key To" function for it. From the drop down list search and select the "Vol. Up" key. You have just added a key that will turn up the volume on your PC. For the Volume Down you will have to do the same steps but from the drop down list search and select the "Vol. Down" key.

  • Can I use Keyboard Remapper to mute the sound even if do not have a special Keyboard?

    Yes. Add a new key combination. Select the Key or Key combination that you want to use. Choose the "Change Key To" function and from the drop down list search and choose Vol. Mute key. Now you have just added to your keyboard a Mute key.

  • How can I setup F1 to do a Paste function?

    Add a new Key Combination. Select F1 as the key that you want to remap. Select the "Change Key To" function. In the drop down list select the V key. Check the Ctrl as a modifier. Now you have mapped F1 to Ctrl+V and that performs a Paste function.

  • Can I change Alt with Control and use it with other keys?

    Yes. Using the Change Key function you can change Control with Alt or Alt with Control. Because Keyboard Remapper distinguishes between Left and Right Control or Alt you can for example map the Left Control and still be able to use Right Control.

  • Does this program intercepts the Ctrl+Alt+Delete combination?

    That combination it is used by Windows to secure the logon screen so we do not touch that :)

  • Can I disable or change the function of the Power key on my keyboard?

    The Power key is not currently being intercepted. So do not try to define something for that key because your computer might shutdown.

  • How can I define a combination like Ctrl+F1 for both Ctrl keys on my keyboard?

    You will need to define two key combinations with the same function. And those combinations will be Left.Ctrl+F1 and Right.Ctrl+F1. We implemented it this way to add some more flexibility. For example some of you might want to assign a function to Left.Ctrl and another to Right.Ctrl so we had to keep the distinction between left and right keys. And this is also available for Alt (Menu), Shift and Windows Logo keys.

  • Do you have a refund policy :)?

    YES we do! After you have made a purchase you have 30 days to test the software and if you are not satisfied you are entitled to a full refund! So you have zero risks!

Still Need Help? :)

If you still do not know how to use this program then please let us know, because ease of use is one of our goals here! :)

You can do that and also ask questions using the Contact page. You will find a link to that at the bottom of this page.