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Keyboard Remapper Overview...

Keyboard Remapper allows you to quickly redefine what a key-combination does, allowing you to extend the functionality of your keyboard or replace broken keys.

The program was designed to as simple as possible:

  • You do not have run a Setup and install the program. Just download the archive, unpack it where you want and start the program. It works out of the box.
  • The program is very fast and efficient, making sure it does not impact your computer's performance.
  • The program is small requring very little memory (RAM).
  • Simple interface, easy to use. No setup, no hidden features, no need to learn anything. In two simple steps you first define the key or key(s) that you what to assign a function to and then you will chose what that function will be. And you are done :).
  • No need to uninstall. If you do not want to use the program anymore just close it and then remove the files from your hard drive.
  • Quick enable/disable feature. No need to reboot/restart your machine or restart the program. If needed you can just temporarily disable it.

I wanted to create a tool that is simple, small, fast and does exactly what it needs to do. And I should say I'm very proud of it :).

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If all that you need is to just redefine what a key does, or simply replace a broken key with another one and you what to do that now, fast and without spending time in learning new stuff, then Keyboard Remapper is the tool for you.

Keyboard Remapper is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. (If you can honestly say that you did not find value in this product, I will give you a Full Refund, no questions asked.


See below what other customers have to say about Keyboard Remapper:

"Love this tool! I do a TON of copy/pasting and I use this to map F1 to <copy> and F2 to <paste>. Works perfectly... love the small file size and the fact that it doesn't require an install. Thanks for the wonderful app!"

Middletown, CT

"It took me a couple of trys but it's great. Best 10 dollar deal I've ever-ever seen Thanks!"

Roy Newcombe
Electronics Technician

"Excellent for data entry. Allows you to make the "-" key on the number pad into a tab key."

Huston, TX

Ok great perfect. Thank u so much for your quick replies. Yes I love the key remapper. I hated my new laptop because it was missing dedicated home end page up and down keys but now I mapped it to ctrl and the arrows. So its perfect.:)"

Eric Lee

"Your KeyBoard Remapper is a delight - simple and well thought out and does not require an extensive pseudo-programing background."

Mike B.

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Where can I use the Keyboard Remapper?

Currently implemented features that you may find useful are:

  • Disable a key or a key combination. This is most useful for gamers :). In this case you may want to disable the Left and Right Windows Keys so that you will not get out of the game when you press them by mistake. You can also disable the Alt+Tab combination if it creates problems for your gaming experience. IMPORTANT: The program does not intercept the Ctrl+Alt+Delete combination or the Power Key on your Keyboard.
  • You can now change a key to simulate another. For example you can make the F1 key act as R or even Control. Perfect for replacing broken keys.
  • Block a key from your keyboard. This is different from disable key. If you disable "A" you will not be able to type "A", but you will be able to select all text in Notepad with "Ctrl+A". The new feature called Block Key will completely silence the key. So, in our example, if you block "A", all key combinations containing "A" will STOP working. This virtually "removes" the key from your keyboard.
  • Go To a specific URL. If you visit a web site very often, one way to access it quick with you default browser is to define a key combination for it. This software lets you do just that.
  • You can easily define key combinations that will launch specific programs. Those could be programs that you use often and you need quick access to them such as: notepad, calculator or any other one that you need. Define a key combination for it, and you will no longer search for its shortcut.
  • If your work at the computer involves typing a piece of text over and over (like your name, current date, address, signature and so on) you can define a key combination that will type that text for you. Please note that this is different from the usual Copy/Paste process, because the text is always available. You can not overwrite it by mistake :). This feature can now type for you large amounts of multi-line text
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What are the differences between the Free and the Complete version?

 Free EditionComplete
Disable a key/key combinationyesyes
Go to Specific URLyesyes
Launch Applicationyesyes
Type Textyesyes
Change Keyyesyes
New: Block Keyyesyes
Number of key combinations you can define2300
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Keyboard Remapper History and Updates

Current Version: 1.2.21

Update 28.11.2010: Much improved Type Text function: now supports very large text (up to 1024 characters) and multiple lines of text. Makes it a snap to sign your emails.

Update 16.02.2010: Fixed a bug: change key was not working for all of the keys on the keyboard. (Thanks go to R. Miller for spotting this one).

Update 28.08.2009: Change key is now available for key combinations also. Fixed a bug related to remapping the Left Alt key.

Update 20.01.2009: Fixed a bug related to locking your computer with "Windows+L" keys. This version will only work on Windows XP, Vista and 7 from now on.

Update 15.02.2008: Due to many requests I have added an enhancement. Now you can map one key to generate Ctrl+V, or Shift+F5, or Alt+F4 or Ctrl+Shift+Space and so on. This is very useful, as many of you have pointed out, to map only one key for a specific function like Paste (Ctrl+V).

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