About EMail Notifier?

Current EMail Notifier Version is: 1.0.04

EMail Notifier is a Windows program that will let you know when you have new email in your POP3 email account.

Supported Windows Versions: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista.

The program is extremely simple. You only need to provide your POP3 Account Settings and you are ready to go.

This piece of software follows the EasyToUseTools project guidelines: small, efficient and of course with a very simple interface. You should be able to learn how it works in about 10 seconds. If it takes you longer contact us because obviously we have done something wrong :).

And the best part... it is FREE :) and it is Vista* ready!

Download EMail Notifier

How to Use EMail Notifier

Download the program’s ZIP archive. Now you should unpack the archive in a folder of your liking. For Windows XP and Vista you can double click the archive and access the files. The rest of you can use Filzip (free software) to unpack the archive.

After you have unpacked the files double click the EmailNotifier.exe file. You will be asked to enter the settings for your POP3 account:

POP3 Server: check your email provider for this one.

Server Port: this is usually 110. But some servers have a different port. Check with your email provider.

Username: the user name for your email account. Usually it is your email address.

Password: the password used to access your email account.

Choose if you want your settings to be remembered. If the settings are remembered the program will not ask you again for those. IMPORTANT NOTE: Storing passwords is not safe! If you choose to do so do it at your own risk.

Click OK and you are done.

The program will start automatically when your computer starts. You can disable this if you want to.

This software will install an icon in the systray (near system clock) that will display the status of the program. Also when new email arrives a small window will appear in the bottom-left corner of your screen to inform you.

The icons used by the program are:

You can click this icon in the systray to access the application menu. We will let you discover the options for yourself.

Download EMail Notifier

How to Configure EMail Notifier

To configure/change your POP3 account settings click the EMail Notifier icon in the systray and from the menu choose: "Account Settings..."

Download EMail Notifier

How to "Uinstall" EMail Notifier

To uninstall EMail Notifier you have to follow this steps:

  1. Right click the envelope icon in Systray (near system clock) and disable Auto Run at startup Option
  2. Right click the icon again and choose Exit to close the program
  3. (optional)You may now delete the program from your hard drive or keep it if you plan to use it later on

Download EMail Notifier

*NOTE: Vista is a trademark of Microsoft.