Am I Online!?

Never miss any browsing time...

"Am I Online!?" lets you know instantly...

...when your Internet connection is back online

...and it is just 10$ :)

Download the Am I Online!? Software

Here you can download your copy of the Am I Online!? Software.

Two types of downloads are available for you:

  • The free edition of Am I Online!?:
  • The complete edition of Am I Online!?: IMPORTANT: In order to be able to use the complete edition you must purchase an activation code from the Main Page

See bellow a comparison between the two editions.

What are the differences between the Free and Complete Edition?

 Free EditionComplete Edition
Message Notification on Connection Upyesyes
Message Notification on Connection Downyesyes
Sound Notification on Connection Upnoyes
Sound Notification on Connection Downnoyes
Auto Hide Notification Messagenoyes