Am I Online!?

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"Am I Online!?" lets you know instantly...

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About the Am I Online!? Software

"Am I Online!?" is piece of software that will alert you when you lost Internet access and most important will also alert you when the connection comes back online!

This way you will not have to constantly try to access a web page, or keep an eye in a "ping" window. "Am I Online!?" will alert you instantly with a message box and a sound when your connection comes back online.

TIP: Please note that your Internet connection is diffrent from your network connection. Your network connection may be up and you may still be able to access computers in your network but you may not access the Internet. This is the exact case where this tool comes to rescue you!

UPDATE: (11.nov.2007) Added auto hide for the notification dialog.

UPDATE: (06.oct.2007) Fixed some glithces with this piece of software. We say "Thank you!" to the person who took the time to report them!

The program was designed to meet specific needs and from there results its advantages:

  • Simple install process.
  • The program is very fast and efficient making sure it does not over use your CPU.
  • The program is very small so that will not eat-up you memory (RAM).
  • Very easy to use. No advanced interface, no hidden features, no need to learn anything. Just start the program :). We also have a quick user guide that you may want to read.
  • Easy uninstall.

We wanted to create a tool that is simple, small, fast and does exactly what it is ment to do. Its purpose is not to be a complete or advanced tool. If you need more options and features there are a lot of other programs out there that may suit you.

We have kept the interface and the software as simple as possible since this is one of the goals of the Easy To Use Tools project.

Just to be sure that you make the right decision please download and try the Free edition of this software.

See bellow a comparison between the free version and the one that you buy with one dollar :).

Download FREE Edition Buy Complete Edition 10$

Where can I use "Am I Online!?"?

If you have an Internet connection that is unstable or has just become unstable you can use "Am I Online!?" software to let you know when you can access Internet again. (Or you can change your ISP;))

The program will run in background. When the connection to the Internet is back online a popup message will be displayed to let you know. The commercial version will also play a sound so that if you are away from your screen you can hear that the connection has been established.

If you can think of other usages or would like other functions or configurations, please let us know. We can not promise that we will include them all because the point to this is to be very useful but also very simple :)

Download FREE Edition Buy Complete Edition 10$

What are the differences between the Free and Complete Edition version?

 Free EditionComplete Edition
Message Notification on Connection Upyesyes
Message Notification on Connection Downyesyes
Sound Notification on Connection Upnoyes
Sound Notification on Connection Downnoyes
NEW: Auto Hide Notification Messagenoyes
Download FREE Edition Buy Complete Edition 10$