About Easy To Use Tools...

Who am I?


To put is shortly, I am a passionate sofware developer. In my computer programming experience I have used many software applications, some excellent ones, some bad one and some very bad ones :)

The most annoying things that I have run across were the very complex programs. With lots of buttons and lots of features than nearly nobody uses. You would really have to dig and learn to make the program useful for you.

I belive that I can do better, so then the EasyToUseTools project was born :)

A quick look "under the covers" of this project. My Mission

I am commited to developing applications that are simple and problem oriented. Hopefuly they will be intuitive enough that you will be able to use them right away, without having to read the manual

Therefore all the tools you will find on this site will meet certain requirements:

  • They are very small. So they do not consume your RAM (memory) or disk space
  • They are efficient. Do not overload the CPU.
  • They are simple. This is one of the main goals. Everyone should be able to use these tools immediately after downloading them.
  • They are smart. Why let the user perform a task that the computer could do just as well, but super fast?
  • They have the minimum number of buttons required to accomplish their mission.
  • If possible they will not have installers and uninstallers. They will be archives that you can unpack and use out of box. When you are done using just delete the folder!
  • They are very "task oriented". This means they will do very few things, but those things will do very well!

All of them also have a free edition and I wish everything would be completely free, but until that world comes to be, I'm very grateful for those that purchase the software :).

You may also find me at: SoftConsultant.ro

Thank you!