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Our Completed Tools:

Below is a list of completed tools. These tools are fully functional and are yours to download :)

If you like any of our products please vote for them or write a few words about them.

Keyboard Remapper

Keyboard Remapper - Keyboard Remapper is a software tool that can be used to change what a key on your keyboard does. It can replace broken keys, type text for you, launch applications and other features. Have a look.

Comments: 16

Votes: 100
Get it: Keyboard Remapper

Turbo Type

Turbo Type - (updated 06.06.2013) This program adds the word prediction feature to virtually all text editors. Just type the first letters of a word and Turbo Type will insert the rest of the word for you! NEW: Turbo Type will now expand abbreviations, added predictions for French language, predictions can be selected with numeric keys.

Comments: 6

Votes: 80
Get it: Turbo Type

MD5 Tool.

MD5 Tool. - (updated 2008-05-23)you should use this piece of software to calculate the MD5 hash of files and compare it with the one provided by that files creator. If the two hashes match then you are sure that nobody has changed the file on its way to you. This means that it does not contain stuff (like viruses) that the creator does not know about.

Comments: 6

Votes: 64
Get it: MD5 Tool.

EMail Notifier

EMail Notifier - will let you know when you have emails on a POP3 account. This way you will not have to keep running an email client all the time like Thunderbird or Outlook. This will free some of your RAM and some space on your Taskbar ;). Give it a try!

Comments: 13

Votes: 50
Get it: EMail Notifier


TextTip - This piece of software will allow you to quickly scan your text files without opening them in notepad. Just hover your mouse over their names!

Comments: 0

Votes: 41
Get it: TextTip

Am I Online

Am I Online - (updated 2007-10-07)it is a tool that notifies you when you have lost your connection to the Internet. So you still have your network cable connected, the link is up but some problems prevent you from accessing the Internet. The tool becomes even more useful because it also notifies you when the link come back up! So you do not waste any surfing time.

Comments: 1

Votes: 36
Get it: Am I Online

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Our "Work in Progress" Tools:

Below is a list of tools that we are currently working on. If you would like to see a tool developed faster then all you have to do is to vote for it. The tool that has the most votes will be first one to make the jump in the "Completed Tools" list.

File Spliter

File Spliter - provides you with the simplest way to split large files into smaller ones that could be sent as attachments for example.

Votes: 85

Simple Reminder

Simple Reminder - this is an application where you can set reminders like on a mobile phone.

Votes: 62

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Proposed Tools:

Below is a list with tools that we think about developing or some of you suggested that we should develop ;)

Vote for the tool that it is most important to you! The tool that gets the most votes will get into "Work in progress" List

Hide IT!!

Hide IT!! - Forces the active Window to be quickly minimized to the systray. Why would you want to do that... well I am sure that some of us can find lots of good reasons ;)

User Comments: 2

Votes: 100

If you can not find a tool for your needs use the form bellow this list to suggest a tool and come back later to check our site.

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Do you want to make a suggestion? Or need a tool to do something?

If you would like a piece of software that would ease a task that you do often at your computer you now have two choices:

You may vote for it in the Proposed List or Work in Progress List to speed up it development. Or, if you can not find such a tool in our lists then use the form bellow to let us know what do you want.

Please be as descriptive as you can:

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